Safework Suite™

The Corrective Action Tracker (CAT)

Behavior Based Solutions (BBS)

Stop Work Authority


Hazard Hunter Tool


The Corrective Action Tracker (CAT) is fully integrated with each hazard reporting module of Safework Suite™ of tools.  Serving as the “payoff” to hazard identification and risk assessment efforts, the Corrective Action Tracker allows you to methodically assign, track and closeout corrective actions. The CAT tool documents your continuous improvements.

Reduce risks and improve safety by engaging management and frontline workers with behavior-based safety observations.  Featuring a powerful, paperless system with real-time reporting & analytics, Safework Suite™ Behavior-Based Solution module enables organizations to efficiently capture, track, report and analyze behavior safety trends.

Empower workers to STOP WORK when the control of health, safety and environmental risks are not clearly established or understood.  The Safework Suite™ Stop Work Authority module takes the user through the process of reporting stop work interventions and safely managing an authorized work re-start once the risk is mitigated.

Easily identify hazards and assess risk levels in order to satisfy a core element of Occupational Safety and Health management.  The Safework Suite™ Hazard Hunter Tool provides a systematic approach to:  identify, assess risk, establish controls, assign corrective action(s) and track their completion.

Inspection Tool


Safework Training Manager (STM)

Incident Workflow Solution (IWS)

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Manage survey, inspection and audit-related activity across your business. With the Safework Suite™ inspection tool you can create checklists and download inspection templates from our library.  At risk and non-conforming items are synced and can be managed in the Corrective Action Tracker tool to promote continuous improvement.

The Safework Training Manager tool provides uniformity for day-to-day field safety hazard recognition, computer-based training and training activities.  Configurable to track topic completion by location, crew and employee, this tool helps you manage safety meetings, toolbox talks and awareness-level safety training.

Our Incident Workflow Solution helps you capture, track, investigate, create corrective actions, report and analyze incidents and near-miss events for the entire incident management lifecycle. This tool’s expert root cause analysis and advanced reporting facilitates continuous improvement and organizational learning.

The JSA module has a configurable library of JSA field guides to aid the front line worker in identifing hazards,  setting appropriate controls,  and reducing risks associated with each step of the job. The module includes a risk registry ranking process suited for continual improvement.