Job Safety Environmental Analysis

The JSEA Manager Software is designed to support a systematic robust OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 Occupational Safety Management System approach, regardless of company size, type and nature

The key features of Safework Solutions’ JSEA Manager tool includes:

  • JSEA library of pre-developed JSEA for reference by the crew in development of future JSEA’s.
  • Pre-determined hazards and mitigation measures that have been risk ranked, recorded and available as a field guide to crews completing JSEA’s.
  • Synergy between JSEA’s and Standard Operating Procedures by linking and uploading to the JSEA web-based library making them readily assessable as task-specific field hazard and procedure guides to crews.
  • Optimization of JSEA program with built in auditing and monitoring performance analytics.
  • Enhance risk registry ranking processes to baseline current risk levels of tasks for continuous improvement of risk reduction activities while maintaining a documented quantifiable profile of mitigation to support ISO 45001 and OSHAS 18001 performance-based certifications.
  • Advanced recordkeeping and retrieval system for JSEA field level activities providing performance-based analytics by task, by risk, by participant, by client, etc.

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