Incident Workflow Solution

The Incident Workflow Solution (IWS) provides an easy to use investigation method using the 5 W + H logic flow that leads investigations to direct and system level root causes.  A built in Corrective Action feature links the risk remediation actions to the Corrective Action Tracker software.  The IWS tool adds depth to the existing suite of safety management system tools available in the Safework Suite™  HSE web-based software.

Key features and benefits of  Incident Workflow Solutions include:

  • Central records management system of incident reporting and investigations.
  • Incident coding structure to classify incidents and benchmark your experience to BLS databases of occupational incidents.
  • Compliance with OSHA Part 1904 Recordkeeping Requirements 300, 301, and 300A.
  • Automated FMCSA DOT Accident Register for compliance with 49 CFR 390.15 regulations
  • Supporting documents upload and photos that are centrally stored and retrievable.
  • Powerful trending and analytic capabilities including: SSE Incident Trends, Near Miss Trends, Loss Type Analysis Trending.
  • Email Incident Alerts and more.

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