Category: Electrical Hazard

New Video Summarizes the Value to Your Company of Integrating the Safework SuiteTM of Safety Management Tools

Safework Solutions has released a new video to summarize how their suite of safety management software tools supports a healthy safety culture, and increases the level of employee engagement, saving your company time and money, and streamlining the process of making your workplace a safer place to work.   Signup for our monthly newsletter to […]

December Monthly Hazard Hunt from Safework Solutions

December's safety topic download highlights electrical hazard identification and mitigation. Electrical hazards may include power lines, transformers, static charges, lightning, energized equipment, wiring, and batteries. These sources can cause serious workplace injuries. Did you know our Safework SuiteTM software contains a hazard hunt component with gamification to promote hazard identification and assessment? Like to learn more? Would you like [...]

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