JSEA Program Performance Delivered: Safework Suite JSEA Management Solution.

  Safework SuiteTM Job Safety Environmental Analysis (JSEA) Manager is a software tool that manages JSEA field level activities and provides enhanced management system performance to align with ISO 45001 risk management standards. JSEAs are well established, programmatic safety activities aimed at risk reduction at the task level. Many companies struggle to get quality, risk-based […]

With Safework Suite(TM) safety management system you don’t have to feel under-the-gun during client-driven OS&H audits.

As the upstream oil and gas market ramps back for many contractors, OS&H expectations remain consistently stringent.  Increased scrutiny of OS&H management systems and compliance is the norm. Major oil and gas companies expect quality, cost-effective services delivered safely.  Simply put, safety performance can be the differentiator in today’s competitive market place. However, companies do […]

Documenting Continuous OH&S Improvements Through Safework Suite.

Organizations often face an uphill challenge demonstrating a proactive safety process and backing it up with tangible evidence of continual and continuous improvements. Safework Suite™ software provides an easy to use and cost-effective solution for small or large companies looking to improve their Occupational Safety and Health management system. Safework Suite’s integrated corrective action tool […]