Behavior Based Solution

Statistics show that at least 90% of all incidents are caused by unsafe behaviors and 9% by unsafe conditions. Behavior Based observations are a proven process to measure, encourage, and promote a positive safety culture. Through successful participation and implementation of a behavior based safety program, incidents can be prevented and a proactive HSE culture will develop into interdependent teams of employees that take personal responsibility for themselves and others to actively avoid risks.

The objective of this program is to get employee involvement in the safety and health process. The Behavior Based Solution (BBS) tool is Safework Suite™ tool aimed at promoting a positive safety culture, thereby preventing incidents. Peer to peer observations provide direct, measurable information on employees’ work practices identifying both safe and unsafe behaviors and conditions.

Active participation in Behavior Based Safety processes is a key performance indicator. Safework Suite™ takes the administrative work out of managing a BBS program and provides real-time data to promote a safe workplace.

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