tower-climbingHOW WE CAME TO BE

The genesis of the Safework Suite™ spun out of a safety audit review of a large oil and gas contractor.  The audit scope involved assessing current safety programs and processes to the benchmark- ANSI Z-10 Safety Management Systems standard. The audit identified opportunities to advance the organization’s safety programs and to shift from a compliance-driven focus to a continuous improvement approach. The audit concluded that the organization had the expected OSHA compliance programs, training, and policies in place, but struggled to keep pace with its clients’ cultural improvement expectations.

One recommendation arriving out of the audit was the adoption of technology as a means to monitor, track, and measure extensive recordkeeping requirements and performance metrics; such as, behavior based reporting and trending, inspections and hazard reporting, and tracking of corrective actions. While manual systems existed at this company, these processes were found to be very inefficient and sometimes took months to produce metrics. These metrics were highly expensive to produce using current HSE staff who were performing data entry and trending using conventional spreadsheets and office-based software, instead of Managing, Advising, and Coordinating HSE Performance.

The business owner asked a simple question, “If you were to recommend a technology solution, what would it do and how would it work?”  A few days later Michael came back with the answer… a fully integrated HSE Software to facilitate HSE Business processes that work together with a Corrective Action Process. The owner said, “Build this web-based system and I will be your first client.”

Within a few weeks, Michael Gautreaux, CSP teamed up with Michael Dardar, CSP and Tony Alan, Computer Engineer and they designed the business requirements and functional requirements for a web-based safety management system.

Within a year its first client fully implemented the system. The employees of the company have adopted this easy-to-use software and are now realizing a negative correlation between pro-active safety performance in the workforce and incidents/losses.


Executive Vice President, Client Relations and Product Development
Thibodaux, LA

Michael Gautreaux is a founding member and Executive Vice President of Client Relations and Product Development at Safework Solutions. Michael directs the company’s sales and marketing efforts and maintains client relationships. He establishes partner alliances and manages the authorized product reseller network. Michael is a Board Certified Safety Professional with over 25 years of experience in risk management and occupational safety & health systems.

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Dallas, TX

Tony Alan is a founding member and Chief Technology Officer at Safework Solutions. He is the principal architect of the Safework Suite™ program. Tony manages technology development and continuous improvement.